5 Brilliant Things to Do in Corwen

1 Aug 2019 | News

Pale Wood is located just a stone’s throw away from the beautiful town of Corwen in Denbighshire. This small town is located on the banks of the River Dee and sits just beneath the Berwyn mountains, so as well as a fantastic view of the river you can also enjoy a picturesque mountain landscape.

Although Corwen is a relatively small town compared to others, there is so much to do there. We have listed some of the main things that you shouldn’t miss out on whilst you are staying at holiday homes Bala.

1.      Gwyl Y Fflam – Medieval Festival (14th – 15th September 2019)

This Medieval Festival is a celebration of the Welsh Middle Ages with particular emphasis on the local hero, Owain Glyndwr and the “Age of the Welsh Princes”. This festival will be sure to take you back in time to another era allowing you to experience what life was like in the Middle Ages in Wales. Corwen is the most fitting location for the festival as it has links with Owain Glyndwr, a proclaimed Prince of Wales who lived in nearby manor Glyndyfrydwy.

The festival will feature medieval reenactors who will create living history camps allowing everyone to experience the Welsh heritage. There will also be a magnificent medieval feast with hog roast and plenty to drink. If a feast is not what you’re after then why not visit one of the many market stalls which sell, not only food, but crafts from local artisans. There will be everything there you would expect from the Medieval era including jesters, sword fighting, battle reenactments, jugglers, fire-eaters, archery, theatre with puppets, historical exhibitions, live music, dances and even story tellers.

2.      Gŵyl Gerdded – Walking Festival (31st August 2019)

Why not try out Corwen’s Walking Festival, which has lots of varying routes to choose from including North Berwyn Way, Moel Ferna and Liberty Hall which all go through the ancient woodland of Pen Y Pigyn. This year sees the Waking of the Giant who has dropped various things from a hole in his pocket. Whilst you’re on the walk, why not see if you can spot some of the things that he has misplaced or simply take in the beautiful sights and sounds of the amazing scenery at Pen Y Pigyn.

This festival is one that will not disappoint!

3.      Capel y Rug – Rug Chapel

If you happen to not be visiting during those times there are also other great things to do in Corwen which exudes history. If you are a history buff make sure that you visit Corwen’s historical landmark, Rug Chapel, which has an amazingly intricate hand decorated pitched ceiling as well as a prominent stained glass window allowing light to flood through the entire space.

Everywhere you look you will be greeted with hand carved wood designs giving great character to this historical chapel. Not forgetting the charm of the chapels exterior as you approach the path up to the arched doorway.

The chapel is located on the A494 and which is just off of the A5.

4.      Caer Drewyn

A 5-minute drive from Corwen’s town centre you will find Caer Drewyn, a historical landmark which dates back to the early Iron Age. This hillfort to the north of the town, features a large stone rampart with entrances on both the north and west sides.

Caer Drewyn is the perfect place for a slow steady walk whilst walking through what is now a historical fort.

5.      Moel Tŷ Uchaf

Take a 10-minute drive south of Corwen and you will find the historical stone circle which is made up of 41 stones with a Cist in the centre.

So, when you next visit why not take a short drive to the town and experience what the town has to offer.

5 Brilliant Things to Do in Corwen
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5 Brilliant Things to Do in Corwen
Corwen is just a hop, skip and a jump away from us in Bala. This small town doesn't disappoint though with the variety of things that you can do there.