Discover the Magic of Llyn Tegid, Bala Lake

13 Mar 2019 | News, Things to do in Bala

A Great Day out for All the Family, There’s More to This Favourite Welsh Lake Than Meets the Eye

The lake itself is in place thanks to the glacial valley left over from the last ice age, it fits nicely into this carved valley and therefore has remarkably straight parallel sides. The lake holds a strong place in Welsh History and legend as a lovely and ancient lake (which even has some legends associated with them). It is after all the year of discovery!

Bala Lake is only a 11 min drive from Pale Wood, and so our residents and visitors love to venture out to the lakeside area for some fresh air, relaxation and adventure.

Llyn Tegid or Bala lake is a beautiful lake to explore with the whole family, whether it’s to have a paddle on a sunny day, some water sports like sailing, row boats, wind surfing or more. You can also simply enjoy the weather in the adjacent park while soaking up the sunshine and surrounding panoramic mountainous views.

llyn tegid

The name Tegid, is thought to be related to Welsh ‘Teg’ which means ‘fair’, it’s the largest natural body of water in Wales that’s before its level was raised by Thomas Telford in order to support the flow of the Ellesmere canal. It’s 3.7 miles long and 0.5 miles wide, so takes a little bit of time to walk around it’s outside as it’s about 14 miles around.

Alternatively, it can be split into two more leisurely walks (8 or 9 miles) using the Bala lake railway or local bus service for return transport. It’s a place where the river dee runs through, the lake’s waters run deep and clear. At its north eastern end is the town of Bala.

The lake is home to a variety of fish, which includes pike, perch, trout, broach and eel. It is also home to the distinctive Welsh Gwyniad, a fish which is unique to the area, and is listed as critically endangered by the IUCN, due to the introduction of the invasive and non-native ruffe fish.

Bala lakes has a fantastic railway ‘Bala Lake Railway’ which offers awesome views of the lake and the mountains.

In legend, contained within the history of Taliesin, the character Tegid Foel (bald Tegid) was the husband of the goddess/enchantress Ceridwen. The place where is court stood is said to be beneath the waters of the lake. Legend says that at night, during the full moon you can see the hall’s lights and hearth fires glisten from the lakebed.