Getting Your Holiday Home Ready For Summer

16 Jun 2021 | News

The winter months have gone and past and now, finally, we have some sunnier days at Pale Wood. Now that the summer months are here it is a great idea to give your holiday home a well-needed summer refresh – especially after a dismal last year. 

All you need to do is make a few simple changes and you’ll give your home that summer kick it needs. Read on to find out how…

Use Lighter Fabrics

When decorating your holiday home make sure you use lighter fabrics. By this we mean lighter in weight and in colour too! Swap out your wools and velvets for linens and lighter blankets. Go bright, go bold and don’t be afraid to experiment. 

Choose Bold Fabrics

Following on from our previous point, change your cushions up to something a little bolder to add hints of colour throughout your holiday home. Not only will it lift your holiday home, but it will also likely lift your mood too! Why not choose botanical designs or colours to match the rest of your interiors.


Speaking of botanicals, littering your holiday home with plants is becoming more and more popular. Botanicals will add vibrancy and texture to your home as well as making it feel a lot fresher. One tip we will give you is to choose easy to care for plants – especially if you’re known to kill a few in the past. You can get some really lovely ones in a range of different shapes, sizes and colours!  A great plant to start with is a Peace Lily or a Monstera Deliciosa. 


Not only does your home need to look good but it also needs to smell good too! Choose a light summery scent for your home such as fresh linen or lavender. The best are natural scents and little gentle reminders of the outdoors inside. Avoid heavy cinnamon and red berry scents as these mainly remind us of winter – which will be back around before we know it!

Shake it up

Like any home or holiday home, everywhere has its place especially if your space is limited. However, it helps to shake this up every once in a while. Now that the new season is here it is a perfect excuse to have a move around – even if it’s just all your bits and bobs.


Whilst you’re having a move around, declutter as you go. We all accumulate stuff we no longer need over time so why not give your space a “fresh start” for the summer season.

Use White To Your Advantage

Less is more, especially with colour. Whilst bold pops of colour go a long way, white goes further, especially during summer. Using white throughout your holiday home will really brighten up your space, make it airy and feel cooler too.

Hopefully we’ve given you some good ideas of how you can change up your holiday home for the season ahead. 

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