How To Put Your Stamp On Your Holiday Home

20 Nov 2020 | News

You’ve found the perfect place for your holiday home – it’s quiet, scenic and in the ultimate tranquil setting. Taking a break out of your year to enjoy your holiday home is a yearly highlight but there is no reason that you can’t enjoy all your home comforts whilst on holiday.

With your own holiday home, you have the flexibility to make it your own and we have a few tips to help you along the way.



To really add a homely feel and a personal touch with all your precious memories. There’s no reason why your holiday home can’t have all your treasured photographs too!

Photographs add warmth and sense of familiarity to any space and you won’t be short of places to make new memories around our park with stunning views – the idyllic setting to capture memories that last a lifetime.


Soft Furnishings

To give your holiday home that cosy feel it needs to utilise soft furnishings such as pillows, throws, curtains and rugs. Stick to a colour theme that reflects you. Whether it be neutral or a bright bold decor you opt for you’ll be soon feeling at home not to mention an easy and affordable way to put your stamp on your holiday home.


Books, Films and Games

Whilst sitting back and relaxing you now have the perfect excuse to dive into that book you’ve always been meaning to read and there are plenty of places in the park to escape. Bringing along your favourite films and games you can put your feet up at the end of a long day and stick on a film or have a games night with the family.



Whilst scents may not be your initial thought when making your holiday home homely, it can bring a sense of familiarity. Our senses can instantly change how we feel – think about the stunning sights over Snowdonia, the sounds of nature and not to mention the smell of clean fresh air. Bring the cosy scents of your home with you to give you that cosy feel that reminds you of loved ones and good times. If you use certain air fresheners, candles or even diffusers, buy the same ones for your holiday home and it will soon feel like yours.


Ornaments and Keepsakes

Bring your treasures with you including those quirky salt and pepper shakers. These little touches will make a massive difference in how you feel in your holiday home. We’re not saying bring everything with you every time but having little touches of you and your family will help you to relax.