Investing In A Holiday Home – Three Points to Consider

7 Nov 2018 | News

When you’re debating about taking the plunge into holiday home ownership, a lot of things to think about will likely be running through your head. Rightly so – Holiday Home ownership is something which is a big investment, and you’ll want to know that you’re getting the best you can get for your money.

We’ve been in the game for quite a long time, and we’ve put together a small guide of things which are important when investing in holiday home ownership. We hope you find it useful!

1 – Make Sure Your Holiday Park Has A Long Season.

seasonPale Wood Holiday Park features a number of Holiday Homes which are perfect investments for anyone that would like a home from home to return to whenever they would wish. Holiday Home ownership at Pale Wood gives you an excellent investment, away from the stress, the hassle, and the relative facelessness of hotels.

Whichever way you look at it, Holiday Home ownership is the superior way to holiday – you’re not beholden to restrictive check in and check out times as you would be with hotels, nor are you faced with the availability issues which can make booking a spur-of-the-moment getaway quite an arduous affair. That, and you can be comfortable in your holiday home – with no fear that your experience will be a bad one. A Holiday Home is yours, you can decorate it how you please, and put in the little details that make a holiday just the way you like it. All you need to do in order to enjoy holidays whenever you would like is pack up your things and hop into the car – with no stress, no hassle, and absolutely no limit on how often you can visit. It’s yours, after all!

To get the very most out of your holiday park, you’ll want to look for one with a long season, but we would advise avoiding holiday parks which are open throughout the year – as maintenance has to be done some time, and large jobs can more than often ruin an owner’s holiday. Our beautiful Pale Wood has a long 10.5 month season, allowing us to strike the perfect balance of staying open throughout all seasons, as well as getting time to keep our park beautiful.


2 – Make Sure Your Holiday Park Is In A Good Area… (And Is A Good Area.)

backpackingOf course, returning to the same place time and time again can get a little bit tiresome. That’s why choosing a good park is so important – a good holiday park is one which is set in an area which is evergreen – offering things to do, see, and enjoy at all times of the year. Our beautiful Pale Wood is one of those parks – giving you it all – amazing attractions, (both natural and manmade!) alongside a central position so you can enjoy them all of your own pace, for years and years to come, in all seasons.

Another thing to consider is the fact that some holiday parks are not for everyone. You should look into whether or not the park is suitable for you by what the focus of the park is. Pale Wood, for instance, is a laid-back, peaceful and tranquil holiday park, which is designed to allow you to kick back and enjoy long, lazy days of R&R without being disturbed.  

Whereas we don’t mind children, those with young children might feel that the park isn’t quite what they’re looking for, and we’re okay with that. For many people, we’re just what they need, and we’re more than okay with that as well.



3- Make Sure Your Park Offers It All

smileTheres no reason to feel torn between certain types of holiday home and location. You should be able to have the holiday home that you wish for, in surroundings that are perfect for you. Take Pale Wood, for instance. We provide absolutely any brand-new holiday home on the market at our park – all you need to do is let us know your preferences and we’ll make it happen in order to make your investment one that ticks all the boxes.

Furthermore, we pride ourselves on offering an assortment of holiday homes, for a range of different budgets – and we check our holiday homes very closely. Whether the holiday home you’re looking at is £9,999 or £59,999, at Pale Wood Holiday Park, it’s been thoroughly checked and it is in very good condition.






We hope you have found the above article useful. We’ve been in the Holiday Park game a very long time, and we feel having that these points checked is the perfect way to settle any doubts about getting value for money with your investment – and a holiday home of which you can return to, time and time again.