A Showcase of the Nature at Pale Wood

3 Apr 2017 | News

Spring is well and truly here, and holiday homes in Snowdonia are being swiftly returned to for the start of the 2017 season. Our holiday park has recently been home to a few additional residents, including a variety of birds and wildlife.

Thanks to our residents taking fantastic pictures of the wildlife, we are able to showcase the natural beauty of our park.

At Pale Wood we are dedicated to protecting the natural environment which surrounds the park, with last year earning us the David Bellamy Gold Conservation Award. Seeing nature thrive within the park makes us glad to see that our efforts over the years have certainly been worth it.

As a result, we’d like to thank our briliant and dedicated residents for helping us to preserve the natural charm of the area. It’s because of this that we can continue to offer a truly peaceful and tranquil place for all of our residents and their visitors.


This fantastic picture from Bob shows one of our new neighbours settling into their very own holiday home. It’s said that British blue tits are strictly resident, and very rarely move far from where they originally hatch – it looks like you’ll be having a permanent lodger!



Another fantastic photo from Bob shows a grey heron visiting the park – likely looking for a cheeky supper from the fishing lake! These long-legged birds enjoy plenty of fish in their diet, but can also be found in fields looking for small rodents.



Another one of our bird residents, this Kingfisher was spotted in March enjoying the peacefulness of the park. These beautifully coloured birds can typically be found near slow flowing lakes and rivers.


snowy forest

This photo from Paul shows just how much the weather has changed over the past month. You’d expect this photo to be from the middle of winter, but it was actually a Sunday morning on the 5th of March!


pale wood holiday park

It’s hard to believe that this photo was taken only a few weeks later!


snowmanpale wood holiday park

Alison also had some great photos to share of our recent snow day on the park.