Reasons Why You Should Buy A Holiday Home

22 Oct 2019 | News

Ever wondered what it would be like to own your very own holiday home? Take a look at our handy guide which will help you decide whether buying a holiday home is right for you.

With our Autumn / Winter sale now on, there couldn’t be a better time to think about buying a holiday home, whether it’s your first or you are looking to part exchange, now could be the right time to take the leap. At Pale Wood we have a beautiful picturesque park which is great all year round, with various events and things to do in nearby Snowdonia. We are offering excellent discounts and offers on selected models throughout our site and we offer part exchange on motorhomes and touring caravans.

So why should you opt for a staycation rather than a vacation? There’s plenty of reasons and not just limited to the main ones listed below.

Home Comforts

Your holiday home is 100% completely yours, meaning you can create a home away from home and put your own stamp on exactly how you want it. You’ll feel at home in no time being surrounded by all your home comforts.

Last Minute Getaway

Having your own holiday home means you no longer will need to stress about booking and searching for the best deal. If you need some weekend R&R you can simply pack a few essentials and off you go. Holiday home owners, often leave their necessities in their holiday homes so that they can keep packing minimal leaving more time to recharge your batteries.

Reduced Travel

When looking for a holiday home, it usually is within a 1 or 2 hour radius, meaning when travelling for your holiday you no longer will have to sit around for hours on end waiting for your flight.

Reduced Cost Per Holiday

Did you know that owning a holiday home can actually save you money and is actually cheaper than going on a 2 week holiday abroad every year, and this way you can afford to go on more frequent breaks throughout the year instead of limiting to just the two!

Take Your Pets

Having your very own holiday home means that your pet no longer needs to be left behind. Leaving your pets when you go abroad can not only be quite distressing for some pets, but it can also save you even more money and time to look for accommodation for your fur-baby. Enjoy your breaks with your pet on our dog friendly park.

Friendly Community

At our park, we have a very friendly community meaning no hassle from temporary residents and the potential to make some life-long friends.
If you are interested in finding out more about our park and buying a holiday home contact us and we can help you find the home of your dreams.

Reasons Why You Should Buy A Holiday Home
Article Name
Reasons Why You Should Buy A Holiday Home
Find out the reasons as to why you should buy a holiday home including taking advantage of our Autumn/Winter sale with fantastic offers and discounts.