Spring in Bala

7 Feb 2018 | News

It might be the earliest one can even consider thinking about the oncoming spring, but we’ll take absolutely any excuse we can get! Final preparations for Palé Wood Holiday Park’s Grand 2018 Reopening are going very well, and we’re very excited to see all of our lovely owners again in 2018. We’ve missed you!

We’re very pleased to be getting well and truly into the swing of things at Palé Wood Holiday Park for the upcoming year ahead, and the final stages of getting the park ready for the 2018 season are being completed as we speak. Fish are being stocked into the fishing hole, the trees are having a good trim in order to look their best (and providing homes for lots of nesting birds this spring!) and of course we’re giving all around the park a little freshen up – a lick of paint here and a bit of attention over there- to ensure that it is completely and entirely perfect for your return.

We pride ourselves on occupying an area which is filled to the brim with natural beauty, and our selection of luxury caravans and lodges in Bala are perfect for anyone which feels like enjoying a luxury escape to a little slice of heaven whenever they choose.

Buying your holiday home at Palé Wood makes sense in every way– we offer superior luxury lodges and caravans from a great very many brands, and your holiday home is well and truly yours. The fact that Palé Wood Holiday Park has a very strict policy with regard to subletting (absolutely no subletting allowed ensures that the park remains exclusive for the owners and their families) and a very strict policy regarding usage ensures that tourism and conservationism is our dual focus. (residential guests are not accepted at Palé Wood – meaning that holidays are the focus of the park)

Should we not have the lodge or the caravan of your dreams (and we understand, once you find something you really, really like, it’s very difficult to settle for anything else!) we would be absolutely delighted to supply any brand-new make or model you may have seen somewhere else. Why not contact us to arrange a tour of our gorgeous holiday park in Bala? We’d love to meet up with you and give you an obligation-free stroll around our lovely park, and a chat about how owning property at Palé Wood can make your future holidays shine.

Palé Wood Holiday Park in Bala in Spring
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Palé Wood Holiday Park in Bala in Spring
Palé Wood Holiday Park is the premier holiday park in the Bala area, but we have't got there by resting on our laurels. Learn about our preparations for spring.
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Palé Wood Holiday Park
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