The Felin Glandwr Open Workshop Grand Opening

9 Mar 2018 | News

We’re delighted to inform our guests and owners that the Felin Glandwr Open Workshop is holding a grand opening of their brand new studio in nearby Llanderfel. This is set to occur on the 15th of March between the hours of 12 noon and 5pm. Despite the small stumble we had with our own opening being overwhelmed with some (very unseasonal!) snow, we’re noticing our beautiful holiday park in Bala spring to life with guests and owners returning for our season.

By the 15th of March, our beautiful Palé Wood will be just as busy as ever – and we’re certain that the Felin Glandwr Open Workshop will definitely provide a great day out for each and every one of our guests and our owners. Don’t worry if you can’t attend – we do have flyers in the information room at Palé Wood, and Felin Glandwr is open after March the 15th as well.

Felin Glandwr Open Workshop is a real creative hub in Llanderfel, and it specialises in the re-purpose of vintage furniture. Quality furniture from the turn of the century (and even earlier!) is acquired by the workshop and treated to repair, restoration, and a lot of TLC from the experienced craftsmen and women at the Workshop, given a whole new lease of life, and sold at a very reasonable rate.

A quick lick of paint and a prayer this is not – the Felin Glandwr Open Workshop repurpose quality furniture which is in need of a little bit of love from top to bottom, and create products which are just as unique as they are beautiful. Why not take advantage of this lovely place and take home a bespoke memento of your holidays at Bala which will last year after year? It’s certainly a cut above a carved spoon! (Though of course, those are very nice too.)

Wales is such a magical place. It’s a country which is full of amazing things -both natural (Take a glance at our conservation efforts!) and those which are entirely man-made like the Felin Glandwr Open Workshop. The talent of the local craftsmen and women with what they create is absolutely staggering, and easily on par with the wonder the natural beauty of the area brings.

The scenery around our absolutely wonderful Palé Wood is truly one of a kind, and the untamed and very rugged (but oh so pretty!) Snowdonia National Park is only a hop, skip and a jump away. Our park, with its five star facilities and selection of high-quality lodges and caravans are the perfect base to enjoy the very best that Wales has to offer.

The Felin Glandwr Open Workshop Grand Opening
Article Name
The Felin Glandwr Open Workshop Grand Opening
The Felin Glyndwr Workshop is ready to go - and they've extended a very warm invitation to the guests and owners of our beautiful Palé Wood. Fancy attending? We explain how.