What Makes Holiday Homes So Popular

6 Jan 2020 | News

The thought of buying a holiday home abroad has been put on hold for most of us due to the ever-increasing cost of living as well as the uncertainty which lies around Brexit.

However, that doesn’t mean to say holidays need to be put on hold altogether. More of us are now opting for a staycation rather than a vacation and are looking to purchase a holiday home in the picturesque countryside to get a well-needed break from the city. But what makes holiday homes such a popular option?


No More Waiting

We all associate holidays with treacherous long waits whilst going through airport security and that’s without any flight delays! Some of us also aren’t partial to flying either making a staycation a no-brainer!



Holiday homes in the UK have upgraded since you probably last thought about them. They are now more attractive with luxury lodge holiday home parks. Now with resin bonded timber homes can now last easily 40 years and contain fully-fitted kitchens and luxury bathrooms making them no different from your actual home and a wise investment.


Customise Your Home

When going away you can now have all your home comforts around you when owning your own holiday home. Your holiday home is YOURS, so you can customise the interior to suit your liking, something you can’t do when staying in a hotel.


By having a holiday home you can also benefit from enhanced security as well as an escape from tedious jobs such as maintaining the grass and taking the bins out.

Unlimited Holidays

When owning your own holiday home, you can have as many holidays as you wish and come and go as you please. Meaning, if you need to get away for a bit or fancy a weekend escape then there is no reason why you can’t.



Lots of people opt to buy a holiday home because of the communal feel. By owning your own holiday home, you can make friends with other homeowners who live in different parts of the country. Parks also have various events going on too to bring everyone together.


The Area

Holiday Parks are situated in the best tourist spots, whether that’s by the sea or in an area of outstanding natural beauty. Owning your own holiday home means you aren’t too far away from the main tourist spots meaning there is plenty for you to do on your next staycation.

If you are considering owning your own holiday home, why not contact us where we will be happy to help you find the perfect holiday home for you.

What Makes Holiday Homes So Popular
Article Name
What Makes Holiday Homes So Popular
Holiday homes in the UK are becoming more popular than buying abroad, but why? Find out more about why holiday homes are so popular.