Wildlife & Nature in Bala

12 Nov 2019 | News, Things to do in Bala, wildlife and nature

Wildlife near Pale Wood isn’t too hard to find. As well as our 43-acre private woodland, which is in an area of outstanding natural beauty with beautiful varying trees, wildflowers – an excellent habitat for local wildlife. Nearby in Bala, you will even have the chance to see wildlife such as otters, foxes, squirrels, and many different types of birds including Red Kites and Buzzards.


Are you an avid twitcher? Head on over to the RSPB nature reserve, where you may even be lucky to experience the Ospreys in full flight! Take a short drive from Pale Wood to the RSPB Glaslyn Osprey viewpoint at Pont Croesor and use one of the high-power telescopes and remote TV monitors to view the Osprey’s closeup. Or why not pop over to the visitor centre at Lake Vyrnwy or visit the Llechwedd Slate Caverns to see if you can spot a Kestrel, Red Kite or Buzzard?

The Berwyn National Nature Reserve, which lies just to the east and north-east of Bala, is also the perfect spot for bird watching, as it is in fact, an important breeding ground for many upland birds such as Merlin, Hen Harrier, Peregrine Falcon and Red Kite.

Breeding Bird Populations

Moorland and grassland habitats in the mountains are home to a wide range of upland birds including:

  •         Merlin
  •         Hen Harrier
  •         Peregrine Falcon
  •         Red Kite
  •         Red Grouse
  •         Black Grouse
  •         Golden Plover
  •         Dunlin
  •         Snipe
  •         Short-eared owl
  •         Whinchat
  •         Stonechat
  •         Wheatear
  •         Ring ouzel
  •         Raven


The beautiful Bala Lake is home to around 14 species of fish including the Gwyniad – a popular local species of white fish which is unique to Bala Lake. Explore the lake further and you may even be lucky to spot an otter or two as well as a Myxas Glutinosa – the glutinous snail – which finds a home on the lake. Although these areas are protected from fishing – remember we have our very own lake at Pale Wood which is suitable for tackling and species including, Roach, Rudd, Bream, Tench, Mirror, Crucian Carp as well as Common Carp.

Blanket Bog

Deep peat, also known as blanket bog can be found at the ridge top of the Berwyn. Bogs are full of plants that are heavily dependent on soil and moist conditions including, mosses, heather and cotton grass.


Wildlife & Nature in Bala
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Wildlife & Nature in Bala
Explore the wildlife and nature that surrounds Pale Wood in Bala including bird watching, fish discovery and seal sightings.